Our Mission: ​

To promote climbing, provide a resource for responsible development and conservation of climbing areas, and to encourage the etiquette, education, and safety of the Southern Idaho climbing community.

Meet the Board:

Erik Long – President

Originally from Colorado, I moved all over growing up and was able to see and love the outdoors all around the country. I spent summers in McCallI and picked huckleberries and fished with enthusiasm before eventually ending up in Seattle at the University of Washington. I bouldered in order to avoid studying, but there was a complete lack of organized climbing organizations for a broke student, and no real mentorship to promote the safe and fun participation in this sport. I left climbing after graduation and went to school in Bozeman, where my love of outdoors thrived and I studied botany to avoid getting a job. I became a doctor and was lucky enough to move back to Idaho, where I recently discovered SICC and this amazing climbing community. I’m thrilled to be a part of this organization, and hope that I can contribute to the accessibility, community, and stewardship of our awesome climbing areas in Southern Idaho.

Chelsea Lyda – Vice President

I was born and raised in Orlando, FL. I moved to Twin Falls, ID with my husband in June 2013. While I always enjoyed being outside, being in a new environment has opened so many more opportunities to explore. I quickly grew a love for kayaking, hiking, camping and, about 2 ½ years ago, rock climbing. My husband, Ben, grew up in Twin Falls and learned rock climbing when he was teenager, so he’s been a great teacher to have around. While making friends at the local climbing businesses I’ve also been introduced to the local climbing community. It’s been amazing learning about all the things that SICC does to educate the climbers, old and new, as well as preserving the crags nearby and making sure there are always fun and safe spots to climb. I’m excited to have the opportunity to be a part of this amazing organization and to serve our community!

Tony Roberts – Treasurer

I was born and raised in Twin Falls and began my climbing addiction in 2014. I currently own several local businesses including Twin Fall’s premier climbing shop, Magic Valley Gear Exchange. I have been with SICC since its inception, serving on the board from 2016 to 2019.  I believe learning and education in climbing are life-long endeavors. I am an AMGA-certified Single Pitch Instructor, a climbing instructor at CSI, a route developer, and a serious aficionado of tasty street tacos.  I  love being involved with everything SICC stands for and I am dedicated to helping our climbing community grow and develop.

Aubree Campbell – Secretary

I have been climbing for 3 years and have never been so stoked on a sport! Not only is it something that gets me outside and challenge my comfort zone regularly, but it has one of the most incredible communities that I am thankful for every day. SICC provides an opportunity for me to help build that community and welcome more people into the sport, which I value immensely(:

Steve Dodd – Bolting Czar

I grew up in Twin Falls and learned to climb at Dierkes. Despite my best efforts to be gypsy trash I relocated back to Hailey after several years of traveling and climbing. Many of the climbing areas I’ve traveled to are on public lands, and I’ve seen firsthand how easy it is for management agencies to simply say “no” to particular activities if those user groups don’t present a cohesive voice. I want SICC to be a productive conduit for working with land management agencies/land owners and also provide tangible benefit to climbers through route and hardware maintenance. 

Sarah Kirchner – Outreach Chair

Hailing from Akron, OH I cut my climbing teeth at the New River Gorge, Red River Gorge and Seneca Rocks. I’ve been told I have an accent, but my healthy fear of public speaking may leave it unnoticed. I have been climbing for over 10yrs and it has taken me to 36 states and counting. My accomplishments in the sport come not from climbing hard grades, but from introducing people into this sport in an educated and risk averse manner. My jam in terms of climbing is quiet, remote 5.fun trad! I am a Leave No Trace Master Educator, A Level Sawyer and Amateur Fly Fisherman. Through SICC, I work to bring people together to learn about, protect and be stewards of our wild places. Cheers!

Austin Davis – Access Chair

I’m a proud Twin Falls native. My first experience rock climbing was when I was 14 when my scout troop went climbing at Dierkies Lake. The next day I bought a non climbing rope from Thursdays bargain store and started “sendin’ it” with a buddy of mine. Luckily we had an older, wiser climbing mentor take us under their wing early on and taught us the correct and safe way to climb. I continued to climb all through my teenage years exploring much of Southern Idaho and Utah. After finishing school in 2016 my wife and I decided to move back to the Magic Valley to start our real estate business. I was thrilled to see how much the local climbing community had grown in my absence and to see it get well organized through SICC. I’m grateful to be at a place in my life where I am able to give back to a sport and a community that has taught and given me so much.